15th - 19th February 2022


White Bear Theatre Presents
‘Let’s Pause There’
A Brilliant new comedy about therapy & therapists

Even therapists have bad days.

Sebastian should know, he is one, and he's having one!


Added to his own troubles, two new clients bring two new challenges. Summer, a new-age Californian, and Babatunde, a charming stand up comic, and a survivor from war-torn Sierra Leone.


But all is ok, because if he can just get through the day, to see the love of his life, then surely all his problems go away right?


A sensitive and comically dark play, around denial, self-reflection and facing one's own shadows.

Tickets & Ticket Information
Cast & Creatives


£15 Full Price

£12 Concessions

Performance Times

Tues - Sat 8:30pm


Concessions Notice

Concessions are only accepted for pensioners, unemployed, students and under16s.


Please Note this Performance contains:

Contains references to sex and sexual abuse.

Descriptions of violence, swearing, emotional turmoil and references to suicide.

Please Note:

This performance runs for TBA without an interval

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