12th - 23rd July 2022


by Peter Hamilton and Directed by Ken McClymont

BLUE is about the quest for spiritual meaning in our modern secular and cynical age.


Max and Frances Davidson, a chaotic couple in their late thirties, have reached crisis point in Bethnal Green. Frances, a creative weaver, is convinced (wrongly) that she has MS and is also deeply troubled by a large blue square which seems to keep intruding into her work of its own volition, whilst her husband, Max Davidson, a manic, unbalanced interior designer, takes a lot of prescription drugs washed down copiously with vintage Armagnac, and is obsessed with ‘New Age’ writings such as Theosophy, Alice A Bailey, Gurdjieff, et cetera. From this careful reading he has gradually come to realise that he is a direct descendant of the biblical King David of Israel and Judea and that he is down here with a special mission to build the Third Temple of Jerusalem, but in Glastonbury.


Into this troubled household comes Sareen, a young Armenian refugee with shamanistic powers and ambitions to become an architect.

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£16 Full Price

£12 Concessions

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Tue - Sat 7:30pm

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Concessions are only accepted for pensioners, unemployed, students and under16s.


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This performance runs for TBC without an interval

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