15 Apr 2020 - 18 Apr 2020

New Writing

HardEdge Theatre Presents
Lost Souls
by Ivanhoe Norona

A secret is like a lie. If left uncovered for years it does not go away but festers and oozes into the social blood stream, exploding into a puss of truth. When the truth is revealed, when it is harder being loyal and pain is better than cure. When molestation is a route to success and turning another blind eye blurs all vision. When the very people who are meant to keep you safe are drenched in the same festering blood, you sometimes turn to beasts that can keep the monsters at bay. When your only friend is a bent copper, a flawed police officer and violence is the only ticket out, you choose the wrong decisions which at the time gets you what you need. To uncover the secret, reveal the truth embrace the pain, find the lost children and make them real again. Welcome to “Lost Souls”.

Performances start 8:30pm



£15 Full Price

£10 Concessions


Concessions Notice

Concessions are only accepted for pensioners, unemployed, students and under16s.

Please Note:

This performance runs for 1 hr without an interval

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