30 Jul 2021 - 31 Jul 2021

New Writing

Golden Age Theatre Company Presents
Love in the Time of Corona
by Ian Dixon Potter

Love in the Time of Corona

and Other Monologues

Three award winning tales about love - and one about hate.


Love in the Time of Corona

Winner of The Vesuvius International Film Festival in February 2021


Jake only wants one thing from women. He uses dating apps to hook up with a different woman every night and he definitely doesn't do relationships. When the lock-down brings an abrupt halt to his hedonistic lifestyle he finds himself in the unusual situation of striking up a platonic friendship with Lauren. Over the course of their Zoom conversations,  Lauren begins to challenge Jake's priorities and values.


Written and Directed by Ian Dixon Potter

Performed by Ivan Comisso



A timely and relevant production.   Comisso puts in an engaging performance.

In a timespan of a few months, Jake has become a different person.


★★★★ London Theatre 1

"Comisso is very much “up close and personal” with the viewer at all times. His natural exuberant gestures add to his personality as he performs. Once past the sleaziness of his mind, Jake’s evolution in the actor’s hands becomes compelling, and leaves the audience hoping things work out as the boy engages the mind of a more mature male"

"It's very much down to the performance that the work feels fresh, and the second half in which a new perspective is introduced assists greatly the balance of originality which would make an audience watch. Worth engaging with, as it has plenty to say about the joy of a deeper one-to-one relationship in economical capsule form"

★★★★ Theatre Monkey



Detective Sergeant Dunderdale is on the brink of solving a bloody murder but is there enough evidence to convict Yousef Massoud? Dunderdale is determined to secure a conviction by fair means or foul. After all, isn't it acceptable to bend the rules a little if the only alternative is for a dangerous killer to walk free?


Written and Directed by Ian Dixon Potter

Performed by Neil Summerville



“Confession feels authentic and credible. The big advantage is that the whole thing is wrapped up in a single short act. Pleasing as you will want to know how it ends even as you are appalled by the direction the investigation is going. Summerville holds the camera as well as he holds his drink, and you should resist jumping scenes as this all makes sense in the end. A short play that works equally well online or live.”

★★★★ Theatre Monkey



There's a notion that it's desperately sad when your halcyon days come to an end. When you go into decline and you gradually lose everyone you ever cared for and all the things which brought you happiness. But at least Arnold had all this at one point in his life. It doesn't matter when. It doesn't matter that it eventually comes to an end.

Nothing lasts forever.


Written and Directed by Ian Dixon Potter

Performed by David Vale



“This will probably prove incredibly divisive”

"Footprints in the sand, someone following with a brush sweeping them away" is how Arnold sums up his life. Yet he speaks and records for his generation and even those several decades younger who are if anything angry that their personal nostalgia is no longer deemed valid despite offering much. A little piece of British sociology, an immaculate delivery by an actor who finds the pain, pathos and truth in every line, and a story idea and script which says it with clarity and records a truth for posterity.”

★★★★ Theatre Monkey



Neville believes he has good reason to take a relaxed approach to social distancing. After all, his extensive online investigations have revealed the hidden reality behind the so-called pandemic. But will Neville's selfless actions present a real danger to the elderly residents at the sinister Mountview Towers? In a post-truth landscape of fake news, misinformation and conspiracy theory, 'Denial' explores the dramatic consequence of one lonely man's attempt to make sense of a complex and frightening world.


Written & directed by Ian Dixon Potter

Performed by Neil Summerville



“YouTube bans videos by conspiracy theorists. This explains why writer and director Ian Dixon Potter had to send out downloads of this to reviewers rather than use his regular channel on that platform. Neil Summerville is on finest character form as Neville, fully-paid-up member of the 'Tin Hat' brigade.”

“Dixon Potter’s topical script is a very entertaining half hour topical sketch which will resonate with much of its audience and provide a useful sociological record of the time. With a deeply studied fun performance at its heart, and a few clever visuals, this is one worth watching online and should transfer well to the live stage once the subject is history.”

★★★★★ (four and a half Stars) Theatre Monkey

“A terrific piece of short theatre” “Authenticity is a regular triumph for Golden Age Theatre, captured once more in the minimalist nature of detail. Its framing as an almost pirate video accentuates the feeling of a grotty secret, something we shouldn’t be seeing but can’t help watching. More worrying and exceptionally clever is the relatability to Neville in choice moments”

★★★★ The Reviews Hub

Friday 30th July at 7.15pm:

Confession & Love in the Time of Corona


Saturday 31st July at 7.15pm:

Denial & Solitaire



£15 Full Price

£10 Concessions


Concessions Notice

Concessions are only accepted for pensioners, unemployed, students and under16s.

Please Note:

This performance runs for 1hr15mins without an interval

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Love in the Time of Corona

30 Jul 2021 - 31 Jul 2021

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