1 Jan 2020 - 1 Jan 2020

New Writing

Disturb the Universe Theatre Company Presents
by Georgina Barley

“I didn’t ask for this feeling. It’s invasive, it’s infectious, I don’t want it there anymore, so I’m asking you - very politely - to medicate me.”


Sarah needed a heart transplant. Maggie was her surgeon.

The operation ran smoothly, but there are now complications.


A year into her recovery, Sarah is engaged to be married, and deeply and obsessively in love…just not with her fiancé. And when she confesses her strong feelings for Maggie, Sarah discovers there was another side to the transplant procedure - the story of her donor.


This is a journey of identity and metamorphosis. How to face death, and come out the other side. How to find your true self in a body with foreign parts. And how heartbreak and lovesickness – with no known cure – can make you grow.

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Concessions are only accepted for pensioners, unemployed, students and under16s.

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This performance runs for 90 mins without an interval

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1 Jan 2020 - 1 Jan 2020

New Writing

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18 Mar 2020 - 21 Mar 2020

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New Writing

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Concessions offered to pensioners, unemployed, students and under16s. Tickets are non-refundable.

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