29th June - 2nd July 2022


Golden Age Theatre Presents
Tales from the Golden Age

Golden Age Theatre Company presents eight of the award winning monologues about love, death, revenge and other serious matters.







Written and Directed by Ian Dixon Potter

Original music composed and performed by Neil Thompson




The Beast Performed by Melanie Thompson

A monumental ego and a self seeking ruthlessness have propelled Grossman to the top of his profession. Knowing his reputation for preying on young female employees, Caroline keeps her distance but an opportunity to advance her career propels her into Grossman's lascivious clutches.


“A thoughtful and compelling production” ★★★★ London Theatre 1



The New Normal Performed by Kate Carthy

The year is 2024. British society is riven with division and conflict creating an atmosphere of enmity and distrust. One half of the population despises and derides the other half. Against this background and against all the odds, Dorothy has finally found a new carer.


Dark humour consistently permeates the show.” “This monologue is thought-provoking and absorbing.” ★★★★ London Theatre1


Trivial Dispute Performed by Neil Summerville

Two worlds collide when self made millionaire Trevor, committed Tory and card carrying Brexiteer, suddenly finds himself at odds with a retired academic, the cosmopolitan and liberal minded Ewan.


Trivial Dispute is a play that lingers with you. I spent a long time turning the characters of Trevor and Ewan over and over in my mind”

★★★★ A Younger Theatre



Call Back Performed by Diljohn Singh

After a botched attempt to repair a damaged smartphone, Ismail has accidentally discovered a means of sending a message backwards in time. How is his serendipitous discovery linked to a series of freak storms and a mysterious epidemic which are devastating a small English town?


It may be a mind boggling story, but it’s also a very amusing one, with an excellent punchline at the very end.


★★★★ London Theatre1



Confession Performed by Neil Summerville

Detective Sergeant Dunderdale is on the brink of solving a bloody murder but is it acceptable to bend the rules if the only alternative is for a dangerous killer to walk free?


Confession feels authentic and credible. A short play that works equally well online or live.”

★★★★ Theatre Monkey



Denial Performed by Neil Summerville

'Denial' explores the dramatic consequence of one lonely man's attempt to make sense of a complex and frightening world.


Dixon Potter’s topical script is very entertaining” “A deeply studied fun performance at its heart”  


★★★★★ (four and a half Stars) Theatre Monkey



Inside Blue Performed by Beata Taczalska

Blue identifies as neither male nor female, believing masculinity and femininity to be mere social constructs. The ultimate nonconformist, Blue refuses to be pigeon-holed and categorised, resisting even the labels of nationality, religion, ideology and sexual orientation.


As well-written as the companion piece and equally brilliantly acted and equally compelling”  

★★★★★ Theatre Monkey


TRANSHUMAN Performed by Thomasin Lockwood

Given the chance, would you choose to be immortal? To expand your mind beyond the boundaries of human experience? What would it feel like to upload your consciousness to the cloud? Would you yearn for interaction with the physical world? Transhuman explores issues of mortality, identity and personality - challenging our notions of what it means to be human.


“This is the fundamental question: can human existence be reduced to bytes, and what might the effect be? The answer is an interesting half hour.”

★★★★ Theatre Monkey


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£15 Full Price

£10 Concessions

Performance Times

Wed - Sat 7:30pm


Concessions Notice

Concessions are only accepted for pensioners, unemployed, students and under16s.


Please Note:

This performance runs for 70 mins without an interval

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