11th August 2022

One Night Only

The Best Pints

What d'you reckon the best pint you ever had was?


And not just the best as in the ‘nicest’, but the one that “made a moment...enhanced an already great moment...comforted you in a moment of distress...just, in general, made your life better?”

At one point or another - more than likely 10 pints deep in a bar called the ‘[insert random number here] Crowns’ - we’ve all asked our mates that question. In the comedy play ‘The Best Pints’, directed by Kay Dent, Gerry (Warren Rusher) poses that question to his two best friends Steve (Matthew Blaney) and David (Tarik Badwan) during their regular Friday night drinking session in their local pub.

It really is just the story of three normal fellas opening up to one another over a few stout in a local pub. It’s really that simple. It’s really that familiar. Chipping away at the hardened ‘lads lads lads’ exterior and finding the humanity underneath.What d'you reckon the best pint you ever had was?

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£10 Full Price

£8 Concessions

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Wed 8:30pm


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Concessions are only accepted for pensioners, unemployed, students and under16s.

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This performance runs for without an interval

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