21 Jun 2021 - 26 Jun 2021

New Writing

Parallel Paths & 10 Minutes a Month Playwriting Collective Presents
The Collective Collected: Week 3
A showcase

12 new plays. 11 writers. 10 themes.


A showcase of 12 short plays written by members of the ‘10 Minutes a Month Playwriting Collective’, a monthly new-writing initiative to keep writers writing. Each month writers are set a theme as a basis for a new play, and the only rules are to keep the plays within 10-minutes and to be creative!


This is the third showcase of the plays created by the contributing writers covering themes set by the Collective, including Deception, Dreaming, Technology, Happiness, Competition, Killer Instinct, Church, Birthday, Shipwreck and Victoriana. Across the week there will be a variety of stories told, from a family secret being revealed, to dreams of winning the lottery and shipwrecked friends talking about the pros and cons of cannibalism.


For more information about the Collective, visit www.10minutecollective.weebly.com


Performances will start at 7pm.


Part 1: Monday 21st – Wednesday 23rd June 2021

‘Wishful Thinking’ by Julia Collier

‘The Governess’ by Janet South

‘Meal with Friends’ by Nick Mouton

‘Instant Human’ by T Lennon Taggart

‘Brazil’ by Peter Cabrera

‘Killer Instinct’ by Helen Jackson


Part 2: Thursday 24th – Saturday 26th June 2021

‘Slaves’ by Alex T Hornby

‘Syndicate of Dreamers’ by Andy Marchant

‘A Good Man’ by Miriam Jackson

‘Dancing in the Dark’ by LA Green

‘Best Wishes’ by Nick Mouton

‘Getting Ahead’ by Caroline Doyle


About Parallel Paths

Founded by directors Nick Mouton and Simon Fisher, Parallel Paths is a theatre company that aims to tell stories from any time or any place that relates to you and me. @ParallelPathsUK

Performances start 7pm



Full Price £15

Concessions £12


Concessions Notice

Concessions are only accepted for pensioners, unemployed, students and under16s.

Please Note:

This performance runs for 1 hr without an interval

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