A message from the White Bear Team

We, like so many others, have temporarily closed our doors. However...

We are working behind the scenes with our postponed shows and new companies to maximise the impact of the work when we reopen! We can't wait to share with you the wonderful shows that are being created as soon as we can throw open our doors once more.

In the meantime, we'll be sharing trailers and tasters for the reopening season so you can get a feel for what's to look forward to!


Want to make sure you'll be there? You can also buy a voucher anytime for a ticket, which will be valid when shows go back on sale! That way, you can make sure you're ready for the season, and we can make sure we can deliver you the shows you are waiting for!


As ever, be kind.

All the best, 

The White Bear Team xx

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New Writing


“I didn’t ask for this feeling. It’s invasive, it’s infectious, I don’t want it there anymore, so I’m asking you - very politely - to medicate me.”


Sarah needed a heart transplant. Maggie was her surgeon.

The operation ran smoothly, but there are now complications.


A year into her recovery, Sarah is engaged to be married, and deeply and obsessively in love…just not with her fiancé. And when she confesses her strong feelings for Maggie, Sarah discovers there was another side to the transplant procedure - the story of her donor.


This is a journey of identity and metamorphosis. How to face death, and come out the other side. How to find your true self in a body with foreign parts. And how heartbreak and lovesickness – with no known cure – can make you grow.

New Writing

Gay Generations

Two one-act plays about life, love and loss

A double bill of short, one-act plays about life, love and loss amongst gay men of different generations. It portrays the differences of perspective, the insecurities and the simple misunderstandings – sometimes heart-breaking, often hilarious – between gay men who grew up in different eras.


Remembrance Gay by Michael McManus

“However much the world changes, millions of us will still have to go on pretending, you know, pretending to be something we’re not.”

When 20-something Joe meets 50-something Graham in a gay bar late one night and offers to help him host his party the following weekend, he little knows just how profoundly his life might be changed by this brief encounter – especially when a mysterious visitor suddenly appears from nowhere, closely connected with Graham, yet also uninvited, unexpected and alarmingly indiscreet.


I F-----n Love You by Charlie Ross Mackenzie

“We just take it for granted. All of it. Floating from one day to the next. Trying desperately to shake off that shadow called regret. Running away from it so fast that we never stop to look around us.”

There are those nights, those perfect nights, when the world is put to rights, you look into the soul of the person closest to you and connect with their humanity. Well this isn’t one of those! Simon and Adrian are getting ready for a good night’s sleep. Trouble is, sleep is difficult when you’re prone to overthinking things. As they uncover many things thought forgotten, dealing with fidelity, death, weak bladders and the Four Tops, this will be no easy night’s kip.



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